Social Media Management

Social media is an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

In General

  • 71% of customers who have a positive service experience on social media are likely to recommend the company.
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week, 55% watch every day.
  • Adults in the U.S. spend an average of 1.25 hours watching online videos every day.


  • 72% of all online U.S. adults visit Facebook at least once a month.
  • 52% of consumers’ online and offline purchases are influenced by Facebook.
  • Videos were viewed 236 billion times on Facebook.


  • 90% of Instagram users are younger than 35
  • 43% of consumers’ online and offline purchases are influenced by Instagram.
  • 32% of teenagers consider Instagram to be the most important social network
  • When Instagram introduced videos, more than 5 million were shared in 24 hours.


  • 38% of Americans online are using Google+.
  • 25% of the graduating high school class of 2015 use Google+ daily.

Social Media Management

  • Grow referral business
  • Support SEO
  • Engage with customers
  • Build community
  • Extend your reach
  • Create customers for life

Social Media Strategy, Daily posts, Tweets, & Updates, App & Tab Management, Engagement with Comments & Reviews, Reputation Management & Social Selling.

Since its development, social media has radically changed the way brands interact with consumers and vice versa. Today, it’s a critical part of smart businesses’ digital strategy. As social media specialists, we have an end-to-end knowledge of how to use it to achieve your objectives and how it integrates with other channels.

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, send quality website traffic, generate leads or drive sales, we tailor our process to meet your needs.


  • 42% of all online women use Pinterest.
  • 46% of consumers’ online and offline purchases are influenced by Pinterest.
  • In 2014, the average time spent on Pinterest tripled to more than 75 minutes per visitor.


  • 26% of Americans ages 12-24 years old use Snapchat the most out of any social network, behind only Facebook.
  • Snapchat’s daily video views have grown 400% in a single year, from 2 billion to 10 billion.


  • 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their tweet has been replied to.
  • 36% of consumers’ online and offline purchases are influenced by Twitter.


  • 33% of all professionals on Earth are on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn drives more traffic to business websites and blogs than any other social network.
  • 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

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